We Support Our Local Farms

Hepworth Farms- Milton, NY

Established in 1818, Hepworth Farms is a seventh generation family-owned organic farm. Hepworth Farms practices a whole-alive-systems approach, paying attention not only to their crops, but also to the health of their soil and employees.The Hepworths are passionate about helping farmers thrive in the Hudson Valley. They believe the Hudson Valley is rich farmland, with great soil and climate

Lancaster Farm Fresh- Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is a non-profit organic farmers’ cooperative of about 100 small scale farmers working 350 acres in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They focus on creating healthy, high quality foods from their strictly maintained and enriched soils on their family farms. No crops are kept in storage at LFFC. After the last truck leaves their warehouse at 5:00 pm the shelves are empty until the next morning’s harvest fills them up again. Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is owned by the farmers working in cooperation with each other to bring us healthy, quality foods.

Ronnybrook Dairy- Ancramdale, NY

During the spring, summer, and fall, their cows feed primary on fresh pasture that grows on Ronnybrook’s own Hudson Valley farm. In winter, the cows consume large amounts of hay that was harvested on the farm during summer. Studies show that pasture-fed cows produce 5 times more lineolic acid than do cows raised in confined housing. Because they are a close dairy neighbors, we often get Ronnybrook products within 24-36 hours of production.

SATUR FARMS- Cutchogue, NY

They grow the finest baby leaf and leafy greens on their 160 acres of sandy loam soil in Long Island. Satur Farms incorporates sustainable farming methods, not only in relation to their fields and the safe production of their vegetables, but also ensuring their employees thrive. Satur Farms adheres to sound agricultural practices with a focus on respect for the soil. They practice crop rotations, so that the same family of vegetable is not planted in the same field block during the growing season. This helps minimize disease occurrence and feeds the soil.

The Farmers Hen-  Fanwood, NJ

USDA Certified Organic: Their birds are given a 100% organic non-GMO diet and are allowed access to the outdoors. 100% Cage Free: Hens are Certified Humane Raised and Handled, provided with a high-quality conventionally grown diet. Environmentally responsible practices: Their organic farmers follow a regimen of providing healthy, chemical-free soil to create high-yield crops for the hens. Hens raised on family farms. Vegetarian fed hens. Nutritional organic and cage free eggs that meet USDA standards

Koch’s Turkey Farm-  Tamaqua, PA

True family farm that values the traditional standards of Turkeys are antibiotic free and have free range access to outdoor areas that provide natural sunlight and fresh air. Their Turkeys meet the very strict Certified Humane® guidelines and Farm Animal Welfare Standards for Turkeys. Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage. Koch’s Turkey Farm is one of very few family owned turkey farms left committed to producing the cleanest, healthiest, and best tasting turkey you can buy. Our high growing standards focused on a pure vegetarian diet and humane practices results in a stress free life for our turkeys, which in turn results in a tender, great tasting turkey.

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