Frequently asked questions

We cook & deliver our online menu & meal plans every Monday & Wednesday, as well as our Chefs Table Meal Plan on Sundays.  Orders can be placed up until midnight the night before delivery. On delivery day, you’ll get a text from our automated system around noon alerting you with a delivery window for later in the day.  Then, the system will follow up a 2nd time when delivery is about 30 minutes away, and a final time after delivery has been made. 

Your food is always made from scratch the morning of delivery. Food holds fresh for 5 days, with a ‘consume by’ date on each individual label.

We deliver every Monday and Wednesday to the following counties:
* Ocean
* Monmouth
* Middlesex
* Mercer
* Somerset

We work directly with as many local, sustainable farmers as possible. That means relationships with over 120 farms in the tri-state area

No worries! Just leave instructions for your driver in the comments section when you check out.  You can either select a cooler bag with ice packs at checkout or leave a comment if you will leave some form of a cooler out. 

General recommendation is with the lid vented for about 2 minutes in the microwave, or, remove meal from the container and heat in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes.

FITfood Points are our new & exciting rewards program!  You earn points which you can redeem for free food on every order, upon signing up for an account, even on your birthday!

We don’t provide nutritional information and calorie counts for our meals as we believe true health goes far beyond calories in and calories out. How your body digests food is always going to be more important than calories or recommended daily allowances of specific isolated vitamins. In addition, our meals are cooked from whole ingredients that don’t contain any artificial ingredients or refined sugar, so they are free of the common ingredients that can promote inflammation and weight gain in many individuals. By eating a whole foods diet based on grass fed meats, responsibly sourced fish, and organic local vegetables, with moderate portions of whole grains, calorie counting often becomes unnecessary.